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. >> the united states engages in a number of operations to go after al- qaida. and amid of militant allies. he would try to attack the united states in irian this country needs to remain vigilant in seek those who would attack this country. we will do everything necessary to keep this country safe. >>mark: this man is believed to be an al-qaida operative here in the u.s. counterterrorism official said the device for the underwear, or on christmas as someone to the one that was used in this is -- was about to be used in this attack irian the fbi caught this threat early in before it threaten anybody. >>darya: record to jackie sizzle in pleasanton who is waiting to see if he can talk to any neighbors. >>jackie: there are more questions than answers on stacey court. at 6:00 last night pleasanton police were called at the 3500 block of stacy court with the report of two victims shot in the home. was a 37 year-old woman and her 13 year-old daughter. the 37 year-old woman was pronounced dead in the 13 year-old daughter was taken to hospital. we do not know whether to consider this a homicide or a mu
credential i need. it's the whole united states? is it is california? i know. depending upon the outcome of the state budget debate some more teachers could be laid off. >>darya: let's take a look from the mt. tam cam. we'll be right back. >> asked good morning is a cloudy and someplace fog the morning. >>james: the temperatures on the mall outside. we see it 50 degrees in san francisco 54 in san jose. most everyone is enjoying the low 50s. and will eventually warm up. 66 per cent francisco down south will be the low 80s at best. and the east valets the be in the upper seventies low 80s as well. your 7 day around the bay. tamara is cooler -- tomorrow is cooler. and friday it starts to go up. on sunday it should be nice weather in the '80s for the bay to breakers race. >>george: we have confirmed with caltrain that there is an accident. the head is set up a bus bridge. the buses are between the tammy and and the dear don stations. there will be delays. let's take a look of the bay bridge ride. was bound is doing very well. the drive is 15 minutes. the ride to the golden gate bridge is
should be primarily on the united states and he thought the association of the present a bomb would begin united states. >>james: we're waiting for >>james: we're waiting for >> we are impel will not and south mcdowell's straight. two federal agents were injured at this residence when they were going to answer. this is the manager of the best western hotel. this is up during the morning by bob >> there as the of lot of noise this morning and was followed by gunfire. i went outside and they had ice ages outside the hotel and they said the keep everyone in sight. >>darya: it they did evacuate you? >> everything was pretty quiet all morning. everything was was going on a round the corner. at they suggested the keep everyone in the rooms in the week at all clear. the all clear came about a couple of hours ago. >>darya: privileges and an automatic teller. one of our people saw some agents behind your hotel. dino with the looking for? i think it was more setting the whole area down. >> and the u.s.'s favor to set things down. i think they were clearing everything behind the hotel. >>darya: t
in the family's this suffered due to the people who did not come back with the united states military. >> this is one of the most fascinating things i have ever experienced did any scientific museum here this is a replica of a small victorian house. people come in and the shaking begins. in burst they take you through the '89 quake and then 1906. using technology, at a recreate what they shaky was exactly like. the upper platform had to be non a prime gambles that actually move back and forth. these are computer-driven. it's out of profile that is programmed and with the computer. they're all kind of hands-on learning at this museum. at their life bay the hostages on sale nes their connections between earthquakes and ostriches. >> have people come from all of the top talent in the bay area. we have the best computer simulations of everything. it's a great show. the academy hours are 930 to 5. in 1135 on sunday. >>mark: welcome back. here is a reminder of something is happening in the bay area. this is a one and a half mile out the truck tress challenge swim. this will end a christie
? . most americans say yes. right now is illegal in the united states, they compensate organ donors. and this and a fan page and weigh in on this question >>mark: arc average is from 8 to 10 this sunday morning on kron 4 of the beta baker's raise. then at 7:00 p.m. we will have a recap. >>darya: you want to take a look outside of one of our live cameras. this is the golden gate bridge. you can see the fog is still here. we will be right back. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving. [ bob ] i got the tickets. [ male announcer ] and with citibank popmoney, it's even easier to keep sending...and receiving. let me get you back. no, it's on me. i insist. no way. yes way. well let me chip in. [ male anno
on june 5th. >>mark: facebook stock is getting hammered. the state unit 30 dollars/share. facebook shares are down $4.54. they started at $38. j.c. morgan stock went down this morning the bank ceo said it will continue bay a dividend despite the two million-plus trading loss of two weeks ago your they say that their balance sheet was barely nicked by that $2 billion loss. j.p. morgan stock is off right now. >>darya: the golden state warriors seem to be leaving in oakland and heading back the sentences go. espn is reporting that this evidence is the governor's at a and no to the warriors. this may be the new home for the warriors between here 30 and 32. >> you can see it is presently used as a parking lot. it is right down the street from at&t ballpark. there are plenty of cars and foot traffic in this area. you can just walk to the basketball game care some people say there is a drawback to moving to san francisco because the sheik could see more corporate people attending games and that would cut down on the current level of passion at the game here >> at their their and their supporti
. >> sunnyvale is seven of on the list of best cities 11 united states. nebraska came in first. all of nebraska is number one on the less. let's take a look at the google class as they are developing. >>darya: see this side comment it as a trackpad and hit allows you to navigate a menu or a picture gallery on the lens of the glasses. the images were said to be incredibly clear. darya will be back with more in a couple of minutes. the dow jones is still suffering now is down 146 points. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and
service. >>darya: 35 million people in the united states are gonna travel. night after 10 troubled by cars. air travel should be-up 5 1/2% per predictions. let's take a look at the price respected to pay for gas a round the bay. they're paying $3.21 in south carolina. that is the cheapest place in the nation. >>mark: the dow is still struggling. we're taking a quick break as the kron 4 morning news takes a quick look outside. we're talking about a few showers and possibly at thunderstorm. we are seeing berrylike traffic. we are seeing very light traffic. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, rel
some light pictures right now at the commencement address at the united states naval academy and marilyn. during the civil war, david barrett and his young officer as embrace all i and ships. and jim the rebellion in irian -- and dint the repel billion. these famous words are built into your barry bonds. they say that you can can repeat this one kid " dan that quirky as an admiral said that time did not want to bring along the this story is that did not sit very well with very young lieutenants. >> this is the secretary of defense in vain the graduation address to the naval academy. >>mark: air canada flight took off from toronto held that had headed toward tokyo. and see a piece of the debris. the chunks were so hot and they could not touch them when they hit the ground. no one heard anything. >> we were flying a few thousand feet off the ground. the weekend guests that they were not telling us something. >>darya: search as have found radioactivity in blue to net. this was 6,000 mi. in the water. japan's crippled power pant plant. this is still well within the safety the l
foundation. the united states is down the list a number 25 here. it woman is more than seven times the likelihood to die in childbirth and a woman and ireland. they're all these facts coming out here there is a link on my face look. >>mark: that top names for girls the number one is sophia. and and always the number one baby boy name is jacob. >>brian: when prince william separates his -- celebrates his 30th birthday their party coming he gets half of this mother, lady diana's than this estate. the beat stocks and jury. stocks and you'll read stocks angeles. he will inherit what is equivalent to $16 million. >>mark: we lowercase find out why police officers say that they had to open fire. an easement and on the occupied farm and albany. we are live on the scene with more as the story continues. >>mark: is a another twist to the shake up the yahoo. the former ceo announces the and cancer. california's budget crisis worsened the in january. there is a grisly scene in mexico when dozens of bodies were found mutilated and mexico. >>darya: your big news is our hot spot was good george.
. and what the united states marshals office. this >> also the people involved in this class will share some private and the search and rescue team. >> thank you think you very much as you know we we did make an arrest last night. i would like to express condolences to sierra's family. it's a very difficult time for them. on behalf of a law- enforcement and all the volunteers involved in this investigation everyone has worked very hard to get to this point. after about two and a half months of continuous investigation with collaboration of all local and state and federal agencies, we would like to acknowledge the is marceau, the fbi and the commitment of personnel. this is been very very intense we have used a lot of man hours on the search and rescue. our investigation has led to the identification of the garcia at-torres as the person is responsible of sierra lamar. the bill is through our investigation through direct and circumstantial evidence pit also through forensic evidence pit. the discovery four of her cell phone and her clothes have contributed to our belief that sierra's is a vi
: be back later. >>justine: the many protests going across cities of the united states right now. portland or again 100 class students are peacefully protest thing in front of district offices. the sausages and occupy wall street protesters and the streets of new york city. they're marching and chanting outside of the bank of america corp. green this year the occupy wall street mall street moving is encouraging employees not to good work and students to skip school. there's a huge traffic tie up and a loss angeles because of the occupied protesters. their labor unions, workers, clergy members taking part. much more on the developing story as con to four news comes right back. -- kron 4 news comes tieback -- right back great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can jus
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12